indulge! is a POD (Pastry On Demand) bakery that caters to the whimsy of its clients

Pastry On Demand© - Bringing small pleasures from our ovens to your senses

Telephone: 613-851-7685
Winchester, Ontario, Canada

indulge!© introduces the greater Ottawa region to the new concept of a Pastry On Demand bakery that caters to the whimsy of its clients. With a wide range of goods available for you to choose from and a little planning, you get the convenience of ordering what you need, when you need it. No more buying whatever is left on the shelf! One call, in most cases 48 hours in advance, is all it takes.

Don't have time to make something special for your guests? Imagine being able to order a tray of after-dinner desserts by phone.

Why pay premium prices for ordinary ingredients? What if you could buy pastries and cakes made from high-quality ingredients for about the same price you pay in a store?

Give us 48 hours notice and you can have a platter of fresh, delicious pastries or a cake delivered to your door.

All our goods are baked from scratch; there are NO box cakes here.
Our pastries are made with butter. Our frostings are too, unless the cake needs to be out in the open for an extended time, such as a wedding cake. Imagine the taste of Belgian Dark Chocolate or Pure Cocao. One bite and you will taste the difference.

Are you planning a Wedding, birthday, anniversary, baptism, corporate event or renaissance and theme party?
Claire can meet with you and design a special cake for the occasion, whether it's for 5, 10 or 100 people. Call us or drop an email.

Click here to see some examples of the custom cakes we have made over the years.

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